Enny's Fun Time

Enny's Fun Time

Hi I'm Endolyn!!!!!!!!!! I'm into anime and video games and music!!! I love Neon Genesis Evangelion and other anime and also video games!

Now that introductions are over... Welcome to my Blog!!!!!

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  • Update! 9/9/2021

    Happy Cirno day, I guess... Gosh,,, it's been 4 months since I've updated my site, and I haven't found the motivation to code anything new. Not like... anyone looks at it. I'm in college now!! I spent my summer playing a lot of Dark Souls lol, I've beaten Dark Souls 1 like 5 times since May. I also beat Dark Souls 3, and have made only a bit of progress into Dark Souls 2 because it's stinky and I'm not a huge fan of how it feels. Been watching good movies, listening to good music, watching good anime (I finally finished K-On and another really really good anime called Witch Hunter Robin) :3 I mean it's cringe to base your personality solely off media consumption so I've been doing other cool stuff too like making friends and memories (those things go hand-in-hand) and I want to learn to skateboard soon too so I can be even cooler. College is weirdddd I don't really know if I like it. I'm scared of other people so I've been having some trouble meeting folks, and when I do try and reach out to others I'm afraid they'll think I'm weird. I like this site because it's kind of my own little slice of Heaven, it's like a glass house in the woods. Nobody really ever walks by but someone theoretically could come by and see everything that's happening, you know? I should definitely update it more and also... learn more HTML because gosh darnit I really suck at it!!!!! Anyway this update is getting lengthy so I should probably stop talking hehe. This site will get updated in a week... or a month... or a year... Who knows ? It's a.....


    Mahou Shoujo Endolyn out !!!!

    Update! 5/5/2021

    Oops. Looks like... I forgot.... Anyway, it's May! And I've been busy. Certainly. I've played a ton of Final Fantasy XIV and just recently started Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. It's so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now I've beaten every boss except the last one (DLC Included) and plan to take on Gwyn today. Anyway, that's all I've got for this update. Maybe I'll edit the site soon ? Who knows ? It's a.....


    Mahou Shoujo Endolyn out !!!!

    Update! 2/28/2021

    Hi everyone!!!!! I posted an anime review (a very harsh and rude one) today... read it if you dare ! I definitely need to write more anime reviews. Also the website looks a little different because I centered the text on the page. Not sure if this will stay. In other news...... I posted my first update to this site 369 days ago! That's a long time. Like I said, this website is totally just for me. I'm not proud of it and I don't give a crap if anyone sees it. A couple months ago I tried to code a guestbook into my website but my brain is small and that never went anywhere...however... if I ever do end up figuring that out I'll of course put it up, I think it would be cool having a guestbook. Unfortunately I am bad at coding and HTML is a very limiting language and all of the references I could find were from the late 90s. Anyway... I'll post more updates on the site soon maybe. (I am an unreliable person ^w^). Your favorite Mahou Shoujo Endolyn out!!!

    ADDENDUM: I might axe the video game screencaps & fanart section and replace it with music reviews because I actually really like music and writing reviews of albums sounds fun. Idk we'll see :3

    Update! 1/21/2021

    Hi everyone! This website has received over 1,000 hits since its inception, which I think is really neat ^w^ I don't actually care if anyone sees my website, it honestly is really just for me, however it's great that others can see it!!! I am writing a few more anime reviews, because I've been watching a lot anime in recent times. Mahou Shouju Endolyn out!

    Update! 12/31/2020

    We're one day away from the end of 2020.... I'm so excited. I've decided to start renovating my website, first starting with moving all of my anime reviews onto a separate page, and soon after giving the website a bit of a cosmetic makeover. Black text on white BG gets awfully bland, no? Anyway, I'll continue to post updates as I go. Thx, Endolyn out!

    The link for the anime reviews is up in the list near the top of my page.

    Update! 12/8/2020

    Hey everyone!!!! It's been a crazy year.............. and I'm bored as heck! I haven't updated this website in nearly a year, and the next time I update it it'll probably be 2022. I haven't been playing many video games recently other than my favorite MMO and I haven't watched much anime... Anyway... I wish any reading a wonderful day... I'm thinking of coding a guest book into my website soon. :3 Endolyn out!

    Update! 2/24/2020

    Hey everyone! Everyone being the zero people who read my site! U.U Anyway... This weekend I played a new video game!!!!!!! It's called System Shock 2. It's really spooky! I took control of some army dude and had to shoot and fight some creepy mutant monsters. It was really scary and I don't really understand what's going on but we will see!